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Avoid being a casualty of the justice system and retain our firm to assist you today. The Law offices of Shawn R.H. Smith, specializes in criminal defense. We also handle divorce and child custody cases as a part of our family law practice. Attorney Smith, is well equipped to handle your criminal law and family law matters. He has the knowledge, training, and experience to obtain the best resolution for your criminal or family law case. Mr. Smith is a former criminal law prosecutor, who has handles thousands of criminal law cases. As a trial attorney and avid litigator Mr. Smith can also handle your family law issues. Mr. Smith is experienced in handling divorces, paternity actions, child support, time sharing and domestic injunctions. Contact our office today for a free consultation. 


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Build a stronger case with representation from our criminal and family lawyer in Orlando, Florida. The Law Offices of Shawn R.H. Smith offers criminal defense and family law representation. What separates us from other law firms is the way we communicate and relate with our clients. We also advise and inform clients of all possible defense options and avenues for their cases.

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Our goal is to communicate effectively with our clients, cooperate with our clients wishes and aggressively litigate on thier behalf.

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